December 1, 2012

Way Too Deep Baby

On that day , I saw you as a stranger . I dont know why but you attracted myself so much . But I dont even think about of knowing you, having your number or more than that . No , not at all . I just adored you from far . Somehow , we have related friends that in the end made us know each other . I didnt expect this . I really loves your existence . I do and this mean nothing . I love having you as friend , that's all.

That night , four of us decided to over night , went to Castle Restaurant , the one that stated near Time Square . The first time we ever talk . But it seems to me like I'm the one who keep silent and we agreed on that . That is bcause I am too shy , turn out being hopeless speechless that I've never been all my life before . I cant even look directly into your eyes . Why ? The best part is when I talk to our friend , I caught you looking at me . Realised that I relieved a sigh of satisfy .

I dont have any idea how this can happened , Im trying to avoid but I am attached . This attachment is making me sick . The more I run , the closer you get to myself . The more I lie about out of credit , but your status saying about me make me melting . So , tell me how to stop this shit ? I just hope this is just a felling of mine due to loneliness and not permanent bcause I got one heart to take care of .
I come to have a little fun but I am trapped . Boo me !

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