December 1, 2012

Loving him Was Red - ed - ed - ed

It has been ages . What the hell I've been doing all this time ? Seems like I lost passion in writing . Can you help me get it back ? It is good to spend weekend at home while everyone leave me the fuck alone as my family went to hometown for 4 days , I guess . And I wasn't allowed to come as I got many classes on Monday . This saddens me a bit , just a bit cs I still got the car and friends tee - hee . Ohh and andd I just finished my sem break , and yeah it was all fun and it turn out that I spent watching Breakind Dawn Part 2 with my bestfriend from Adni School; Hazreeni ! and the rest couldnt make it :( . Despite all of this friendship things, there's someone trying to knock at the door . and I couldnt help it but just to smile to every each of his action . I am stuck . Really . Why did it always end like this ?

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