July 25, 2013

To Complicate Things, Just How We Roll

Nothing much I want to say over the things we've been through. A year and above, I had enough. Enough of your rude, disrepectful attitude and everything. Sorry tends to lose its power and love dont grow higher anymore. Farewell , for sure.

June 2, 2013

Pausing In The Middle Of Our Chapters

They dont know about how we fall for each other, how we feel for each other. They dont know about how you already cheer up my cheerless day. They dont know about the way you pull me in just to comfort me after awful fights. They dont know how it feels to be riding this wild rollercoaster. They dont know about how you still refused to feed me foods cause I dont like to be feed. They dont know how it feels like to play hide and seek in mall when one of us is sulking. They dont know how it feels like to be able to see ourselves in someone's eyes. No, they dont undertand this unfinished beautiful wreckless love story of ours.
Because they, they dont see what I see in you .

Go to hell with for every time I give my heart and for every time we fall apart.
Untuk masa dan peluang yang masih ada,
Untuk hati yang masih belum mati,
Untuk rasa yang belum pernah rasa nak pergi.
For that, shall we work it out again, hardly.

June 1, 2013

The Faults In Our Stars

I remember each of single thing about us, how we yell each other, how I chasing you in the middle of mall, how we interlocked our fingers in cinema, the way I put my arms around you, the way you kiss me goodbye everytime its time for us to go home, the first time you told me that i look prettier w/out make up, the way you make silly faces and laugh at my jokes. yI Baby, it was all beautiful. I still love us, you. But i didnt see the effort. Then why would I stay ? We have reached a year, why is it has to end this way ? Why dont you looking for me, once again, like before ? I guess that I have no values to you anymore. Im sorry for the way Im pushing you away. Im hurts. Really does. Why did you have to put the blame on me if I dont have time for us. In your case, I tak cakap banyak Just waiting for you to make time. And why did you have to mention my past? You knw Ive been thru awful life kan. The last words you said. Pains baby, just pain. Why wouldnt you say sorry and make things right ? Is it too much to ask for word 'sorry'? Okay, I get it. I get it if you dont want this anymore. I get it honey.