July 21, 2012

What if It Worth To Try and What if It Doesnt ?

No one ever say being in love is easy . Dont go searching for the definition of love . You wouldn't know until you experienced it . God give us test based on out ability to deal with it , He didnt give the test that we can not handle . Yes , being in love is such as heaven thing on earth especially when we get someone who we really wish for . All those butterflies in tummy , the feelings of getting high everyday , sparkling eyes and smile alone . What can I say ? You've been through it , you know how it feels , so fairytale ~
And I feel it now , I am truly happy and even sometimes how much I hate being so jealous .

The hardest part is , when thing goes a little bit down; you lie in your bed in the dark in your room ; keep thinking whether to walk away or to try even harder to keep things strong . Someone said , manusia yang selalu kata sayang itu lah yang paling hebat dalam menyakiti hati kita . You feel hopeless and giving up is the best choice than keep receiving heartaches . Of course , Im one of those girls who have been through this situation , it is because of the phase saying ; like we had a clue . Yes , we did pinky promise , sharing everything , did anything together and plan the future LIKE WE HAD A CLUE .

Insecurities and happiness at the same time . Because feelings can change in time . That is the worst thing ever . I know I cant take any pain no more but with him , Im willing to take a risk , everything in life need risk . I keep reminding my self; If it doesn't work , take it as a lesson . Use that lessons in your next relationship . It will heals somehow . As I said , test given based on our ability . Then , take a risk and be prepared .

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