July 15, 2012

Nothing Else Feels Right

I dont know how to express my love towards you , I maybe fails at describing it but only God knows what Im really want. After all what have you done & we've been through , it is not easy to let go as counting numbers . Question keeps attacking my brain searching for the answer . If separation is what you really looking for , Im willing as long as you happy with it even though I really want to be the reason why you feel happy . Remember , I dont run from you and I never want to . I walk away slowly baby and it kills me , cause you dont even care enough to stop me . You dont even CARE , not at all . You leave me hanging alone , I dont like silence treatment .

Please dont love me if you cant love me well . Please dont say those 3 words if you dont want to fight for us . Please dont say those words that you're going to say sorry after that . Please dont begging for me cause you know my heart will always want you . Please dont giving any hope , I cant stand to get hurt even more . Im so tired of these thing it make me wanna give up . Please baby , if you cant love me well , treat me well , please just go . I think I rather be alone than being in a bad situation w you , I just cant even handle it anymore . Im not as strong as you think , dont you know that , my only one ? You're making me regrets slowly , whyyy ..

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