April 21, 2013

Your Head Is Running Wild

I hate it when boys didnt appreciate their girlf , even for those little thing. I hate it when boys start to humiliate by saying those sarcasm words on social network. Cant you even imagine how does it make girls feel ? YEs, you will never understand. You have your own big ego not girl's soft heart.
And at one fine day when they're talking at any other guys, I mean talking not flirting , get it ?

Pardon me , Im in my frustrating moment. I still wondering how could it come this way. I hate it every time you acted un-matured and turn out to be holy jerk. I hate it when Im giving in two much, but you cant see it. I hate it when everything goes wrong. No, I dont want to accept this reality.

I've been through, I learnt, I built walls that only you can climb it. And now, Im happy with the warmth of your love. And all above this, they are only my old feeling I got long time ago

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