July 30, 2012

Your Presence Lingers In Me

Do you ever feel that you love someone to the core that you could forgive all their mistakes ? You start to take care of each other heart and avoid from getting hurt or hurting them . Human beings are imperfect , human makes mistake , we know that . That's why you tend to forgive , you accept all their weakness . Even it is not the first mistake they had done , you still choose to go on . Yeah I know , it's all bcause the person matter the most . Even if you're hurt , you still choose to stay in a rough time . You rather choose to forgive them than leaving them . Who can stand loosing someone ? Same goes to me , I totally do not have a strength to walk away from someone I love .

But remember , even love grow stronger in your heart , you have to know your worth too . Dont be a fool . You dont deserve to be hurt by the same mistakes constantly . Maybe it's not your time yet , everyone deserve happiness . And on the other and , it is true when you love someone you will accept their flaws and weakness . But till when ? Sometimes , things get better within changing .

Sebagaimana one of the blogger says ,
"Memang, ada manusia akan memaafkan segala salah silap kau. Menerima segala baik buruk kau, sebab dia sayang kau. Tapi, kadang kadang, manusia tu berharap agar kau berubah dan cuba hargai dia seadanya. Macam mana dia cuba hargai kau by not walking away and forgive you for the things you've done wrong" .

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